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March 24, 2010 posted by Eric Davis

Black Celebs: Garcelle Beauvais

Last night I was watching Coming to America for the 50th time and I see Garcelle Beauvais aka Fancy from the Jamie Foxx Show. It got me thinking about the nude Playboy pictures she took. So after the movie was over, I searched my computer for Garcelle Beauvais nude photos. Now I can show you her pictures just in case you haven’t seen them before. Too bad you can’t see Garcelle Beauvais pussy in no of these pics. There’s only one full shot of her butt and most of them show Garcelle Beauvais tits. Even though I would have loved to see her naked when she was younger, she still looks good for her age. Garcelle Beauvais is my definition of a black MILF.

Photos of Garcelle Beauvais Nude

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  • I always wanted to see Fancy spread them cheeks but I’ll settle for seeing her pubic hair and tits.

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