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June 24, 2011 posted by Eric Davis

Black Celebs: Stacey Dash

I was browsing through some old comedy movies came across Stacey Dash in Mo’ Money. Every since 1992, Stacey Dash was one of my favorite actresses. It wasn’t because of her acting ability, but her beautiful face and sexy body. Recently, Stacey Dash has surfaced with a new TV show called Single Ladies. I gotta say its a pretty good show but I wanted to see Stacey Dash nude. I took to the internet and found out that Stacey took some naked pictures for Playboy.

Stacey Dash is still a fine ass black woman even though she’s in her mid 40s. Looking at her petite yet curvaceous body, I couldn’t help but have nasty thoughts about seeing Stacey Dash’s pussy. My hard work is your reward. Check out the naked pictures of Stacy Dash below.

Photos of Stacey Dash Nude

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