March 6, 2012 posted by Eric Davis

Claudia Price – Nice Black Nipples

Going through some of my older photo sets, I found some pics of Claudia Price that I want to share with you. I remember the first time I saw Claudia I was said, “Damn! Look at those nipples”. The same statement still comes out of my mouth then I see her. Even though I’m not a fan of tits with implants, Claudia’s nipples makes me see pass that.

I don’t think Claudia has done any hardcore movies but she does have a few videos and photo set at Action Girls you can check out. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures below because they are a great example of some nice black nipples.

Photos of Claudia Price's Nipples


  • Hot damn! those nips are rock hard and unbelievable.

  • Here is another gal of this chick @

  • She did some interracial shit fucking a white dude @

    • Thanks I didn’t know she did hardcore. I’ll find some video of her and post it up soon.

  • Ooooweee those things r already in my mouf, If they skeet milk show that 2 me

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  • Good one dawg! Love them nipples

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